Preparing To Sell Your Home

Finding a Realtor is an essential part of having a smooth and stress free real estate transaction. The Realtor you choose should be an experienced professional who knows the market, is ethical, and listens to you. Your Realtor should take the burden of selling your home off of you.

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Your Realtor will:

          * Provide information on the current market and provide a proper listing

price for the home 

          * Market your property to other Realtors and buyers through the MLS

          * Advertise your property both online and in print ads

          * Schedule showings, open houses, appraisals, walkthroughs, etc.

          * Evaluate the potential buyers to see if they are qualified or not

          * Write, review, and negotiate contracts from buyers

          * Assist you with the closing of the property

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Before Showing Your Home 

A buyers first impression of your home is very important. There are some essential things that you can do before showing your home to make it more desirable to potential buyers.

1)Make Minor Repairs
* Patch holes in the walls
* Fix leaks 
* Touch up paint in interior and exterior, & consider painting rooms that are very bright, to a more neutral color

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2) De-Clutter, De-Personalize, and Organize  
* De-Clutter bookcases, counter tops, and shelves
* Remove family photos, collectibles, & children's art, so the buyer can imagine themselves living there
* Re-arrange furniture for a more spacious feel
* Organize all closets, cabinets, and garage; stack & line up items neatly

3) Do a deep clean,
* Clean Bathrooms: scrub showers,tubs, & sinks. re-caulk if needed
* Kitchen: clean out refrigerator and organize cabinets
* Exterior: Wash windows, pressure wash exterior & sidewalks
* Floors: mop tile, & clean grout, vacuum carpet, clean spots on carpet
* Dust furniture, shelves, and bookcases

4) Exterior of Home
* Maximize exterior and curb appeal with well maintained lawn
* Trim bushes, trees and add color with flowers 
* Remove garbage and debris from sight buyers love to look around :) 


Showing Your Property 

To prepare for showing your property there are some easy steps to take to ensure a positive showing.


* Make your home easily accessible for showings, don’t make it difficult for agents to show their buyers

* Keep home clean and clean smelling 

* Open drapes/blinds and turn on all lights

* Make beds, put away toys, and clean dishes

* The temperature inside the home should be comfortable

* Keep pets away from potential buyers

* Make plans to leave your home or take a walk during showings